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Cousins, Romance, and Aliens... How Could This Have Gone Wrong?


Incest is weird, especially when it involves shapeshifting tweens and people controlled by aliens. In an adaptation of K.A. Applegate's Animorphs series, one-hit-wonder online fanfiction writer DirtyPurpleAndalite's story lifts Rachel and Tom, characters and cousins from the real work. “How Far Will I Go?” argues that it's okay for them to bang... within reason. Clocking in at a brief 1,433 words lurking in the M-rated section of, its failure as erotica and escapism didn't get my tail a-waggin'.

Animorphs was a series of 54 books targeted at kids around age 13 and a childhood favorite for me. I'd spend hours imagining myself in their world. Rather than use their power of turning into animals for fighting alien invaders I always saw myself as finding a nice family's dog, absorbing its form, painlessly killing it, disposing of the body, and taking its place as resident house pet with no one the wiser.

That's fairly normal considering some people used the story to fantasize about relatives rolling in the hay. I don't hold that against them, and I support their right to express themselves. If you market your story as pornographic and it opens with a naked half-girl half-eagle getting stumbled upon by her randy cousin, there's the expectation that a certain amount of sex will be included. What's delivered basically accounts to consensual rape foreplay and ends there. Not that I'm complaining there's a lack of intercourse, but the story panders towards an audience who get their kicks from inter-relational crotch wrestling and there's a distinct lack of it. What a tease!

Fanfiction is inherently escapist. People don't write stories like “How Far Will I Go?” to learn about reality, but get away from it. If they're already trying to create an imaginary world where people change into creatures at a whim, why not also make it one where incest is a-okay? Social taboos still exist throughout the story, from the author's structuring the events to force Rachel to sleep with Tom to skirting away from the very situation she's writing about. If you're trying to escape from reality, you gotta go the whole way. In my case I'm not trying to just look like a dog, but actually be one. Sorry, DirtyPurpleAndalite, but seems like that's a lesson you still need to learn.


Incest between shapeshifters and aliens is weird. That's the plot of DirtyPurpleAndalite's story “How Far Will I Go?” found at, lifting cousins Tom and Rachel from the Animorphs series. Attempting at eroticism and escapism, the piece fails both.

Animorph books targeted kids around age 13. I'd often imagine myself in their world, but with my power to transform into animals I'd just become a dog. That's normal against DiryPurpleAndalite's family fun fantasizing.

However, it's lead up for an event that mercifully never happens. Writing Animorph incest fanfaction means you're gonna get one type of reader: Animorph incest fanfiction readers, looking for:

A. Their interests are accepted

B. Incest. Big surprise there.

No half measures. I'm openly embracing becoming a dog as way to truly to escape reality. DirtyPurpleAndalite, the next time you ask yourself “How Far Will I go?” the answer should be “all the way.”


Read romance stories you're looking for romance, action stories for action, and Animorph-incest-fanfiction for... exactly that. DirtyPurpleAndalite's “How Far Will I Go” tries to deliver on fanfiction's promise of escapism and eroticism but ultimately fails. Lacking both actual intercourse and an immersive world, it just doesn't go far enough.


Both plot and eroticism in DirtyPurpleAndalite's story “How Far Will I Go?" have no climax.

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  1. I loved this. I don't even know what else to say, but you win.