Friday, January 7, 2011

Austin: The Little Blue Bubble

I grew up in Austin, Texas, where there are as many gay bars as straight ones and a middle aged man named Leslie walking around in heels, a thong, and an apron while wielding some sort of electric gardening tool. This is normal for my home town, however, if you venture just ten miles outside of Austin, you’ll be right back in the white-washed Republican good ol’ Lone Star State, where the majority of the population holds guns, Jesus, and oil close to their hearts.

When I got out of the little blue bubble to come to college last year, I experienced a culture shock. This shock was brought upon by meeting new people with various points of view on what ‘love’ should be. Some of them had never knowingly met a gay or lesbian person before while others waved their figurative rainbow flag proudly. I had this urge to bring these two groups together because I thought I could bridge the gap just a little between these two cultural mindsets.

However, another friend derailed me from that path. Around his family this specific friend talked about football stats and the girls they wanted to bang instead of criticizing some boy on campus for having a haircut that was “so last year” because they presumed their family would disown them.

These various levels of LGBT acceptance pushed me to realize that not everyone was raised to be as open to different ways of living as I was. I would like to further investigate what makes people so ambivalent to accept LGBT culture and the roots of this colorful way of life that evolved into a product which seems to scare some people so much.

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