Tuesday, January 4, 2011

B-boy Teaches Kids How To Pop-Lock-&-Drop-It

Banxy, a hip-hop dance artist who was an ex-member of the b-boy group Swindon Scarecrows, decided to begin teaching Swindon children, aged 16 and under, how to street dance. The former b-boy from London stated that instead of having events predominantly for the older generation, he wanted to “get everybody involved and street dance seemed to be the most popular way of doing that.”

I love it when I hear that an artist decides to contribute to the community and asks for nothing more than for people to have fun. Banxy has earned my respect and full support in providing these kids an opportunity to learn from a professional…a rare occurrence for children in many cities. I encourage more artists, including b-boys, to be like Banxy and promote events where kids can be taught by a more experienced individual to be able to improve their skills in what they truly love to do. Similarly just as Gambler Crew gave back to the community by teaching people of all ages how to break, many professional artists should continue this type of endeavor to keep kids out of drugs and encourage them go to these community events to discover a safer and healthier alternative.


  1. A few notes:

    - Remember that I should know your stance on the issue by the end of the 1st paragraph. In this, we don't get your take until the start of the second.

    - A little wordy at the end. You could have summed it all up by saying "Hopefully Banxy's work will encourage more artists and b-boys to promote events where inner city kids get the chance to learn something they love from an experienced professional. Doing so could keep kids off drugs and turn them on to safer, healthier alternatives." See? It says the same thing but in fewer words.

  2. Ahhhhh...I see I see..thank you thank you~