Thursday, January 6, 2011

Choke the Life Out of Your Collar Problems!

Feeling pressured by life to the point where it's like miniature metal rods are being driven into your neck and you just want to give up? Now your dog can share that feeling too when he wears the OmniPet Steel Pinch Training Collar! The all-steel construction guarantees that this dog jewelry won't break, bend or rust no matter how hard your puppy pulls. Perfect for training your pet to "sit," "heel," or just "stop whatever the hell it is you're doing!" While OmniPet claims that these collars are not to be used on dogs younger than six months probably because at that age they're too stupid to appreciate this amazing piece of engineering you're gonna buy them, they're so well made I'd still wanna slap it on my pet at age six days. Can be ordered in three different sizes, ranging from the smallest of dogs to large enough to fit on your spouse. What are you doing still reading this? Just go buy it already!

Image taken from linked article.

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