Monday, January 17, 2011

"Colonialism without an Alibi": Peter Anderson on Apartheid, Africa and Education

"Colonialism Without an Alibi" by penispump

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    - Couldn't really hear Anderson's initial one-word response.
    - I initially loved how you insert the clickety clack of the typewriter, but why does it continue in the interview? I also love how you insert his voice in between your voices in the interview.
    - You do a great introduction of Peter Anderson.
    - The advertisement is awesome. Great specifics, the music is integrated very well. You identify a pain, highlight their special features, and tell how to get it. PERFECT!
    - Daniel's question about how racial apartheid has changed seems oddly inserted rather than in the present moment.
    - Very cool to give your fellow blog, TextAppeal
    - Strange echo effect on Edward's interview. Also, Edward's reading sounds like he hasn't rehearsed it. It sounds like it's being read rather than thought out. It also lacks specifics in terms of globalization's real world applicability to daily life.