Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cop Kills John T. Williams

After reading the article on the recent shooting of Native American woodcarver John T. Williams, I think that cop needs to be put in jail himself. Why? Because he is an idiotic guy with a gun who wasn't even in danger and KILLED a person. First off, the officer did NOT identify him self as a cop. A cop MUST follow protocols. Plus, it wasn't even like the guy was doing any thing wrong. According to a witness, he had just been "walking downtown." Honestly, if I was walking down town, I'd have a knife too. And that "pre-attack stance"? Come on!? His knife wasn't open! This guy was shot 10 seconds after the cop lights started to flash, definitely not a sufficient amount of time to clearly know why the guy had a knife. The cop told him to raise his hands and he did. Sure, this guy was in real danger. Good job law enforcement let's just go around killing people with knifes. This is why people don't like cops.


  1. A strong voice, though I did start to get confused who was who with pronouns. Naming the other cop and identifying them by name would have helped make your argument because as it was it was hard to keep straight who was endangered by who. Otherwise, a good vocal warm-up! Can't wait to see what you do in the short posts to come.

  2. This and other reasons is why I hate cops after seeing the video on youtube I seriously wanted to go out find a cop and put a slug in his head no fucking joke watch the video that cop wanted to kill someone THAT COULD HAVE BEEN ANYBODY he exited his car with his gun in hand that cop put the publics safety at risk by discharging his firearm in public when it wasnt unnecessary he could have killed more people than just the person he murdered