Friday, January 7, 2011

Got Nothin' On Jay Park

The Jay effect is running rampant throughout Korea's three million fans and spreading overseas to the U.S. ever since he released the album, "Count On Me" last July available on iTunes here. The album consists of a Korean, English, and remixed rendition of B.O.B.'s "Nothin' On You."

After racking up over two million views on his Youtube cover, Jay released an album that displays musical ingenuity fusing a flavor of K-Pop with his own. The stream of chords produced by the synthesizer gives the song a fuller melody and a techno, funk, and hip-hop groove to it, similar to Bruno Mars' "Just The Way You Are." Although there wasn't any rapping, Jay's use of his voice gave the song a warmer tone than the original version. The song definitely incorporated a fusion of genres (R&B, funk, techno, hip-hop) and provided a great introduction for his later works to come.

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  1. I definitely like the start of this review a lot better! Well done :)