Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Believe...

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  1. It was really great to hear your "I Believe" statements and I really dug your use of text, a great way to add an extra layer of communication and thought to your viewers. I also like that you had the name and URL of your blog — smart marketing!

    I could also tell you edited out some of the content which is good, though you did leave in a few mispronunciations. Near the end you say secessions instead of decisions. I would have also considered cutting out even more statements to make this a bit shorter and keep only the really stunning comments, the ones you think really matter. Some of them cover the same issue multiple ways without saying too much new (like the ones about race). I also like that for a few of them you stop saying "I believe" and start just saying things you believe. Working your vocal range and the script could help you get convey the material even more compellingly.

    Lastly, though I assume you chopped off the top of your head to protect your anonymity, and while that worked, it also put the focus on your chest which may not have helped keep the focus on the words. But seeing as this is a beginning effort.