Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Do..Re..Mi..Fa..So Happy To Play Violin

I FINALLY PLAYED MY VIOLIN TONIGHT! I've become obsessed with playing the violin not only because of my own passion, but also because of my dad. Since I was 7 my dad used to yell at me if I wasn't practicing my violin 3 hours a day. He lectured me on and on about how if I didn't practice enough, I'd basically be flushing his money down the toilet. He would say to me, "YONG DUK (my Korean name)!!! YOU NO PLAY VIOLIN?!?! THEN YOU WORK AT MC DONALD FO CORREGE MONEY!!!"

Yes...he sounded like the crude, harsh, never-satisfied Asian father;but because he pressured me so much, I had no choice other than to appreciate the music and make myself want to learn more by seeing it as an opportunity rather than a suffering. Because practice grew into habit, I always loved and needed to play the violin ever since.


  1. This reminds me a lot of King of the Hill, where Kahn always yells at Konnie. Haha. But what a talent you have!

  2. YES CODY. and loved this. If you'd started with your dad's yelling at you it might have grabbed me sooner.

  3. These pics are awesome! and pretty entertaining story behind your violin love ;-)