Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Is B-Boying Safe For Children?

The Stir blog highlights some of the talented kids featured on the new dance competition show, Live to Dance, and acclaims particularly the b-boys of the show: Chi Town's Finest Breakers and Jaden (vid). Although the b-boys' ages run from six years to eleven years, they have the ability to perform some of the most complicated moves that require quite a strain even to the adult human body, sometimes resulting in multiple body injuries. Consequently many people wonder, "Is b-boying considered a child-safe sport, or are only certain moves a hazardous risk for children to perform?"

There's not a clear say in whether b-boying is safe or dangerous for children, but there are definitely certain moves that are considered hazardous for all ages. Footwork ( 6-step, helicopter, sweeps, and pompo) is what most children b-boys are seen performing to minimize bodily injuries, but when their choreography incorporates the bodies to spin in a circular motion with only their arms and shoulders for support (windmill, headspin), then risk of injury is imminent.

Moreover, executing moves that require strenuous effort to the upper body and waist (mainly the back, arms, and shoulders) sometimes result in fractures to the wrist, hand, thighbone as well as slipped spinal discs and concussions. Over 70 percent of b-boys say they'd experienced an injury from using their hands, shoulders, heads, or arms too frequently in their moves, usually resulting in carpal tunnel, syndrome andtenosynovitis, or an inflammation of the sheath that surrounds a tendon.

If children on T.V. shows are spinning on their heads and hands pulling off moves that are obviously dangerous for the body, then why aren't people keeping kids from b-boying?

People don't stop children from b-boying because as long as there are kids (such as Jaden) who dance with only minimal injuries and have graduated experience, b-boying is considered just as dangerous as football, wrestling, karate, or any other sport. Bottom-line is...people, both kids and adults, should know where they stand in matter of strength and capabilities, and know what to expect when dealing with a physical-oriented activity such as b-boying. If they know their limits and abilities when dancing, there shouldn't be a problem in performing the moves they want to do. Young b-boys will get hurt and probably break a bone or two, but every sport causes injuries and requires the body to get accustomed to pain in the process. It's just a matter of "no pain, no gain" regardless of age.

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  1. THIS IS SO STUPID.....For people who are new to the art of bboying, you can read something thats actually backed by FACTS AND SCIENCE. here: http://www.bboyscience.com/break-dancing-will-not-kill-you/