Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Josh Groban What? Who Cares?

Josh Groban What? Who Cares? by Digital Self


  1. Podcast #1: Your deadpan delivery would have worked with more specifics. For one, what was the movie about? What happens in it? What makes the acting, writing, and other parts so bad? You should assume we haven't seen it and draw us into the conversation. I do like that you have a sound clip from the movie near the end though. Also, how can we see this film and what are other people saying about it? Remember, engage the wider cultural conversation.

    Podcast #2: Your voice is much clearer in this podcast and it's a lot warmer. I also like that you cut Josh Groban's horrible suddenly in and out. The bad editing sounds deliberate and actually works to highlight how awful the music really is. Wish you woulda let him finish his second to last lyric in the Tim and Eric clip. I also think you do a really good job wrapping up this segment, talking about we can still appreciate artists for their other features if not their primary talents. Good work!