Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My First Podcasts: MapQuest and Bigfoot On The Rise

Podcast 1
MapQuest Fail by Digital Self

Podcast 2
Bigfoot in the Sahara Desert by Digital Self


  1. I like your enunciation and the background music you have going on. Very upbeat tone in the first one, too.

  2. Podcast #1: Although I think you make a simple point with your fireworks frustrations, I think a little more dramatization in your script could have helped so we could really see your getting irked while your friend messed up the driving. It might have also been good to imitate the voice of the GPS. Basically, I don't think the delivery ever rises above the content at hand. This ends up being about why you prefer maps and little else instead of the wry comment on being a passenger, tolerating the shortcomings of friends or much anything else. I'd suggest giving Liann's story on Wicked a spin. Same issue, different take.

    Podcast #2: Definitely weird. Your guest sounds more drunk that Australian. I think music might have made him sound even more looney and pretentious. I do like the genuine laughter and conversation in the mid-point though. How else might you play with the fake interview format?