Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nintendo 3DS Makes People Dizzy

While everyone enjoyed themselves at Nintendo's big 3DS showcase in Tokyo a few weeks ago, a number of people felt dizzy and nauseous after 10 minutes of 3D effects on the new Nintendo 3DS.

I love playing video games to chillax and de-stress myself from school and work, but to hear about a console that strains your eye-sockets...I'm a bit hesitant to buy the 3DS. With all the 3D craze going around the nation with movies and T.V.'s and all, its exciting to finally discover a portable console that delivers glasses-free 3D gameplay. But the idea of feeling "seasick" after playing a video game isn't my idea of relaxation.

Recently, 3D movies sprouted in movie theatres for every possible title out there: Step-Up 3D, Despicable Me, Tangled, Avatar. And now 3D televisions are introducing themselves into our homes and businesses, making the 3D technology a standard for entertainment today. However with all this 3D invading our game consoles, movies, and T.V.'s, it definitely becomes health risk, especially for children. I wouldn't want kids having seizures from watching T.V. (like in Japan) or wearing 5-inch thick glasses. If movie-theatres warn young children not to watch 3D movies and full grown adults feel nauseous after 10 minutes of 3D gameplay, why expose 3D technology at all?


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  1. Well done! A succinct comment that illustrates the larger issue—with 3D technology entering our homes, shouldn't we know of the health risks. The only last thing I would suggest is something I didn't cover in class. Perhaps you can offer an idea or two on how to go about helping fix this problem before the health issues start.