Monday, January 3, 2011

Passionate Prevention

By Katie Bosler

Most people have a certain passion about something important to him or her. Their passion could be dancing, football, playing the piano, or dressing up their cats. Whatever it is, they love it or feel so strongly about it that they must share it with anyone who will listen. My passion is educating others to help prevent serious injuries, or the loss, of loved ones while behind the wheel of their car.

Everyone, in every town, city, or state seems to claim that they have the WORST drivers EVER, anywhere from New York to California, or from Boston to Albuquerque... they’re all terrible. The causes? The usual. Under the influence, speeding, food, texting… simply not paying attention. A wise person once said “It takes 8,460 bolts to assemble an automobile, and one nut to scatter it all over the road.” All of the distractions, the speeding, and the drinking are all equally hazardous factors that can potentially effect, or destroy, one’s life. And yes, it only takes one careless individual to do the damage.

This passion came to me in an unfortunate way when I found out that my cousin had gotten into a very serious car accident. She spent Christmas in the hospital with a broken neck and back, as well as other injuries, waiting on a doctor to perform a nine-hour neuro-surgery. How did she get into this? Not drinking. Not speeding. Not using her cell phone. Her date took his eyes off of the road for one moment to look at her beautiful face, and that was it. A seemingly simple motion, one that happens daily, but combine this with an inexperienced driver and an unfamiliar road, it was near-fatal. The couple went off the road and dropped 40 feet into a creek. And now to see the scars on her beautiful face and body is heartbreaking. No person should ever have to go through the things that she did at her age of 18.

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