Thursday, January 13, 2011

Paws for This Podcast

Paws for Thought Episode 1 by Digital Self

Paws for Thought Episode 2 by Digital Self

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  1. Podcast #1: Though I like learning more about a man-dog's routine, I kinda wished you shared more of your thoughts about your daily routine rather than just recounting the highlights. Remember, what's truly comic about this entire schtick is not just that you want to be a dog, but also about the constant considerations that accompany that lifestyle:

    Which newspaper is more absorbent? Which food do you prefer? Do you have a favorite spot in the yard? Do you ever eat your own poop? How bad has the fur coat gotten? Is there candy and foul scent sticking to it? What is the name of this local prostitute and is it the same one or a new one every time you need a bath? Are you stalking a family or doing anything to make yourself more adorable? How are they reacting? And what is the disability check for? The premise is funny but your back story and thought aren't there yet.

    The music starts competing volume-wise with your voice at 1:21. Not sure that the deadpan thing is working voice-wise, varying your inflection would do more to help your expressiveness.

    Podcast #2: Your voice is much clearer in this one and much warmer. I
    love that the key to opening the door "it's all in the lips and tongue." I also love "more power to you." I do love the outro in this one though. This podcast has a strange level of obsession and specificity over such a mundane task that it's kinda mesmerizing.