Monday, January 3, 2011

Sometimes you have to take a leap...

Eyes closed, heart rate rising, knuckles white with fear, sweat beading across skin. It sounds a lot like a heart attack but I’m actually talking about skydiving, that vertical leap that for just a moment makes us feel like we're defying gravity. Thrill seekers everywhere flock to the sky for the rush associated with jumping directly out of an airplane at over 13,000 feet. Though it costs about three weeks worth of my measly paychecks to fit the bill for this sort of adventure, about 350,000 people partake in skydiving each year. The good news (or maybe the bad news) is that only 30 people die in parachute related accidents each year.

So what’s the deal? Why do so many people take that flying leap each year? Most people become addicted to the high. Considering about 3 million jumps are made every year in the United States it is pretty clear the sort of effect this sport has on the 350,000 people that make jumps in that time.

Risk is sort of like a drug. Activities like skydiving release copious amounts of adrenaline and adrenaline is rather addictive—that’s where I come in.  Adrenaline, highs, living life on top of the world. Well, it’s all about being alive and feeling human. I'm all about letting the fur fly, slapping my big girl panties on and getting out there for a little bit of putting my life on the line. After all, though my life is what I could lose, I also have a life to gain.

Give me the adrenaline, give me that moment of question..."Am I crazy? Why the HELL am I doing THIS?" I'll take it. I'm all about risk, all about adrenaline. Thrills make me feel alive--and that's really my passion. Feeling alive is my passion.

If you want a little more info about this heart stopping, body rocking, adrenaline junkie craziness all you have to do is take a look-see here.


  1. Have you ever gone skydiving yourself? Your first paragraph sounds a bit like a stock description of the event. This is particularly because it's filled with a lot of facts and figures. I don't know; it just kind of sounds like a pamphlet. I'd be more interested in hearing a real first person account of your thrill-seeking adventures.

  2. Very interesting topic...this shall be fun I do believe.