Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Step Up To Some B-Boy News

Banxy, a former b-boy member of the Swindon Scarecrows, plans to set up his breakdance class once again at the John Moulton hall in Penhill this January.

The Bboy Federation Battle 5 will take Jan. 8 at the Utah Art Alliance. This semifinal event will feature the top six b-boy crews competing for a spot in the top four.

Get the inside scoop from a fellow spectator about the Honolulu World of Dance Tour 2010 that took place this December. B-boys and b-girls showed off their moves as DJ's such as "The Lightsleepers" spun an amazing mix of music.

AllHipHop interviews B-Boy Toshiki of Japan about his accomplishments in competitions such as American B-boy Thesis, Red Bull BC-One 2008, and Just Do It of the Netherlands. The interviews shows B-Boy Toshiki's take on American B-boys and American hip-hop.

B-Girl Helen Lin of University of Minnesota shares how she got interested in breaking, how breaking helps her stay in shape, bonding via b-boying, and competitions she's been in.

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  1. A great news round-up. Consider using bullet points to help with the visual appeal.