Thursday, January 6, 2011

These Shoes Got Some Moves

Having trouble getting good grip on the dance floor? Or trippin all over the place as you attempt a "Nike" or "1980?"

Then here's what you need my fellow b-boy: Adidas Sambas.

The midsole is scientifically integrated for max comfort and stability when transitioning move to move. Whether executing powermoves or simple six-steps, the suede overlays give you style in battle and the synthetic leather provides durability and support. Recommended and worn by pros, such as B-boy Cloud and Abstrackt, these babies will last you for years.

If you're looking for b-boy kicks that make the judge's heads turn, then Adidas Sambas is what you need. Buy them online on Adidas Shop or any Adidas store near your location.

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  1. Excellent use of outside examples and endorsement!