Thursday, January 13, 2011

Top 5 International B-Boys

B-Boy Hong-10 (S. Korea)

Who Is He: Hong-10, a former member of the Korean crew Expressions, is currently a member of Drifterz Crew and now considered one of the best b-boys in the world. Known for his extremely complex, flawless, innovative style, he's won 1st place all over the world in competitions such as France Hip Hop Planet, UK B-Boy Championships, and International Battle of the Year in Germany. The Korean b-boy dances with intricate precision and control, blowing away many of his opponents with a variety of power moves and some of his own moves that he invented. This guy is one hell of a strategist when it comes down to battling; he wants to know and study his opponents, and make sure he's flexible enough to respond to their attacks. Hong-10 strives to make dance his career while knowing those aims will be difficult and challenging for him and his family. Much of his support and strength come from his family; although they are constantly concerned for his health and future, they cheer him on through many of his competitions.

Signature Moves: Bridge 90's, Chair Flares, Chair Threads, Drop Chair Freezes, HONG-10 Freeze

Interesting Fact: Hong-10 is also into photography, snowboarding, wakeboarding, and reading.

A Few Words From Hong-10: "It's great to win battles and gain respect but it's a two way street and you have to give respect to earn respect!"

B-Boy Cloud (U.S.)

Who Is He: Cloud, reppin' Skill Methodz crew, already gained success as a professional dancer; but the roots and foundation to that success were all thanks to...b-boying. Since age 11, the natural was inspired by both of his brothers (Deft One and A-Ron) to pursue this imaginative form of art. Deeply influenced by all sorts of dance and people such as Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Charlie Chaplin, and even Bruce Lee, Cloud's breaking surrounds a highly stylistic background and incorporates some of the most original moves ever created. Although he's only won one title in 1998 for 1st place at Blaze Battle, Cloud achieved huge success in his dance career through movies (Step-Up 3D), commercials, and tours all around the world with Madonna.

Signature Moves: Cloud special

Interesting Fact: He got the name CLOUD when a friend said that he resembled the Final Fantasy 7 video game character, "Cloud."

A Few Words From Cloud: "I'm into whatever feels good and comes out naturally - however my body reacts to whatever music is playing."

B-Boy Lilou (France)

Who Is He: Lilou, a member of Pockemon Crew, is currently the champion of Red Bull BC One and an extremely talented dancer who still remains very popular worldwide today. They French b-boy has been dancing since the age of twelve, and has won a series of competitions (Red Bull BC One in New York, Battle of the Year in France, Freestyle Session in Korea). His unique style definitely articulates a combination of "flexible moves," old-school footwork, and a variety of power moves. During battles Lilou's got a captivating stage presence, attacking the opponent with taunts and jokes and being quite popular with the crowd as "the funny guy." Many of his influences stem off from Michael Jackson, Zinedine Zidane, Mohammed Ali, and Jamiroquai. Lilou admires them not only for being legendary in their lifetime, but also because of their work ethic and passion for the area of expertise.

Signature Moves: Variation of the air-chair

Interesting Fact: Since the age of sixteen, Lilou has had a black belt in Kung-Fu. The Kung-Fu principles and mentality helps him when he's breaking.

A Few Words From Lilou: "We are all different, unique, so dont' be a stereotype. If you dance with the capacity of your body and work hard, you can become perfect in you own way!"

B-Boy Neguin (Brazil)

Who Is He: Neguin, part of the Tsunami Allstars crew, competed and won in many competitions such as Ultimate B-Boy Championship in Las Vegas, El Barrio B-Boy Battle in New York, and Fera B-Boy Championship in Brazil. He captivates the judges and audience with a confident, aggressive style of breaking that involves life-threatening jumps and aerials, quick nimble movement, unpredictability, articulate combinations of ground and power moves, and a fusion of high energy in all of his moves while maintaining an acute sense of rhythm. The bold, spirited fighter likes to make eye-contact with his opponent and establish the fact that he's going to own the competition. Neguin hardly holds back and paces himself to use his unique style at every opportune moment in the battle. He's a well-rounded b-boy who dedicates himself to his artwork and continues to respect other dancers and encourage positive energy through his presence and work.

Signature moves: Death-defying jumps, fast movement in footwork infusing unpredictability and extreme articulation in ground and power moves

Interesting Fact: Neguin initially danced freestyle and social dances. He just started b-boying in 2003. Wow.

A Few Words From Neguin: "Always be ready and always be yourself."

B-Boy Taisuke (Japan)

Who Is He: Taisuke, representing All Area crew, has won 1st place in competitions such as Dance @live! in Tokyo, International Battle of the Year in Germany, and UK B-Boy Champs Sendai Elimination. Although only 20 years old, this b-boy has a ton of experience and tricks up his sleeve, combining an array of foundation moves from footwork to power moves. He graduated from International Dance College in Takadanobaba and focuses on a dance career that will improve his skills in b-boying in the near future. The fact that he accelerated in learning a variety of complex moves at such an age explains his natural talent for breaking. Also a teacher at a local studio, Taisuke remains a formidable opponent when he particularly executes power moves in perfect coordination with a freeze to top it off. At such a young age, Taisuke's got the experience and ability to break it down.

Signature Moves: An array of foundation moves, toprocks, and a fusion of footwork and power moves

Interesting Fact: Taisuke is the cousin of B-boy Toshiki. Not only were they born on the same day but grew up together in the same town and got into breaking because their sisters were B-Girls and members of the same crew.

A Few Words From Taisuke: "Represent Worldwide!"

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