Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Unleashing my Love of the Leash

After three pepper sprayings, twelve near arrests on suspicion of public intoxication, and more rude comments from bystanders than I can count I thought I would never enjoy simply taking a walk again. During my childhood, walks were an escape. Teasing at school, feelings of failure for seeing a therapist, my parents' divorce, and most devastating the death of Hershey who inspired my current quest through one look at her beautiful cataract-covered eyes... All these left me as one foot went in front of the other.

All it took was just venturing out of my house earlier today to remind me how beautiful the outside world could be in small doses. Mustering up my courage and contacting a local dominatrix who knew there's no shame in leading a man around on a leash (and requested not to be photographed or named), I went on what seemed to be an adventure.
I was so excited when I got to my master's house (she preferred to be called "mistress" and her house a "dungeon", but I'm an old fashioned dog) that I could barely contain myself!
Her cat got out when she opened the door, so I did my best to help catch it. Only succeeded in chasing it up a tree though. That's good, because if I actually touched it my allergies would make me break out in hives.
Completely overwhelmed with joy at finally going on an honest-to-goodness walk, I had to roll around in the grass. Master encouraged me to enjoy myself saying, "Yes, writhe around like the worm you are!" Not even close to the right animal, but still appreciated it.
I was so worn out at the end without thinking I fell asleep in her cat's bed. She told me staying would cost extra, so I had her scratch me behind the ears and left endlessly thankful.

Refreshed and re-energized, I look forward to the day I'm able to do this again without paying a relative stranger $300 for the privilege.


  1. Great voice! This is fantastic! Seeing the photos made my day and I hope this operation goes well! By the way, I would be helpful to readers if the first picture was rotated. Still love it though :)

  2. This is the most interesting I've seen all day. I'd say you should talk to this guy, if you're looking to make full transformation.

  3. I am so glad you found someone so willing to help you. I pray every night for you, I hope you know. God will grant you the strength to carry on and defy the odds!

  4. I'm curious, do you know what breed you want to be?