Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Who wants to win the lottery?

The idea that one could win from a pot big enough to pay for college, possibly for a new car, or for a down payment on a house just by driving safely sounds fantastic! Who wouldn’t slow down for that kind of opportunity? But is it really as fantastic as it sounds?

The experiment implemented in Stockholm, Sweden, encourages drivers to slow down and drive “under the speed limit.” This idea is thought to prevent car accidents, however the real enemies on the road are not necessarily the speeders but the ones who drive under the influence and who are the distracted drivers.

Having money as an incentive can definitely have a positive effect on individuals. For example, a mom telling her child that they can earn ten bucks to clean their room will encourage them to do it sooner. However, a mom telling her child to clean their room or else they’re grounded works too. Not getting a ticket is not always seen as a reward, but getting a ticket deters individuals from repeating their mistakes.

Yes, speeding is a major problem in the world of driving; it causes accidents all the time, but any “reward” needs to go towards things like building roads, bridges, or fixing potholes. We are in a recession here people!


  1. Did you know that you're 16 times more likely to get in a car accident on your way to buy a lottery ticket than to win? Isn't it scary? :0
    I love your article though, and I definitely agree! We don't need to make people richer; it's better to spend the money on improvements!

  2. Oh wow, I did not know that! Unfortunately, most driving stats are scary. Thanks for your comment.